Journey Towards Reconciliation

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) outline practical actions that an organisation will take to build strong relationships and enhance respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians. A RAP also sets out an organisation’s aspirations to achieve greater equality.

Complete Credit Solutions acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Peoples of Australia.

We would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the Land on which we meet, live, work and learn. We pay respect to the Elders of each Nation – Past, Present and Future – and promote the continuation of the cultural, spiritual, and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Ancestors have walked this country and we acknowledge their special and unique place in our nation’s historical, cultural, and linguistic identity.

Complete Credit Solutions has a deep commitment to know and understand more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ wide ranging cultures, beliefs, and kinship systems.

Complete Credit Solutions is grateful for having benefited from insights into a rich culture of traditional teachings, elaborate understandings of the environment, and connection to their Land and Spirituality.

We would like to advise that this resource may contain references to and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who may have died.

Read our Reflect RAP

CCS have experienced rapid growth in recent years, and we believe now is a responsible and appropriate time to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to work towards:

  • Increasing the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples amongst our workforce
  • Educating our employees and ensuring they are appropriately equipped to have respectful conversations with our First Nations customers and work towards positive outcomes.
  • Understanding more about the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate and create a deeper understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures

Our RAP Champion is Michael Brahim who will ensure employees are informed and engaged on this important initiative and our RAP Sponsor is Jack Toutounji who will ensure the successful implementation and delivery of the RAP.

Reflect RAP is our first step in the CCS reconciliation journey and we look forward to developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and improving our understanding and helping to create a more inclusive and respectful community.

Our Partnerships and Current Activities

We have set ourselves objectives to achieve procurement and supplier diversity. We commit to proactively seek opportunities for First Nations enterprises to participate or tender in our selection process for products and services we require as a business, via Supply Nation.

In addition, CCS has an annual corporate membership with Community Involvement Solutions (CIS) which sponsors CIS’ online literacy and numeracy program for First Nations peoples. This corporate membership provides CCS the opportunity to partner CIS in their program goals, i.e., to promote and facilitate developmental and life opportunities and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities in Australia.

CCS will also celebrate National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week across our business. We believe that reconciliation is a journey, and the execution of our RAP and deliverables is just the beginning

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