• Why am I receiving calls from Complete Credit Solutions and not my bank?

    The Bank or finance company that you entered a credit contract with has decided to sell your account to Complete Credit Solutions – a lawful and legitimate transaction. Complete Credit Solutions is now the legal owner of your account.
    Call us on 1300 930 070 or on 02 8836 4300 and see how we can help you.

  • Do I have a default on my credit file?

    If unsure you should contact us or the credit reporting agency. You are entitled to a copy of your credit file free of charge from Equifax. Visit their website from our Links page.

  • What will happen if I ignore your attempts to contact me?

    We are here to assist you in paying off your debt as quickly as practically possible. If you contact us promptly you can avoid paying excess interest that may be accruing, and avoid potential enforcement action against you.
    Communication is the key to resolving your account with us.

  • How do I set up a payment arrangement?

    If you are unable to pay your account in full we offer a range of payment options, including payment arrangements over time. Please contact us on 1300 930 070 or 02 8836 4300 to establish a payment plan that suits your circumstance.

  • I need to update my contact details. What should I do?

    You should contact us immediately to update your details on 1300 930 070, or 02 8836 4300, or by email to info@completecredit.com.au. If you keep your details up to date – we are in the best position to provide assistance.
    It is important for you to tell us if your details change, so you can always receive important information.

  • I have just received an encrypted email message, is this legitimate?

    Yes. Complete Credit Solutions takes your privacy and security very seriously. When communicating with our customers via email where it contains sensitive data, we will securely protect the email using Microsoft’s Email Encryption via Office365. As part of our procedures Complete Credit Solutions will encrypt all emails when we send sensitive business information to people outside our organisation. Examples of such material includes and is not limited to:

    • Customer information
    • Bank / Credit Card Details
    • ID documents / information
    • Legal documents / information

    If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the message, please call us on our main number 1300 930 070, or 02 8836 4300, and speak with a representative.

    Download our guide on how to view secure messages.

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