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Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Financial Position

We know that sometimes our customers may face unexpected circumstances that can affect their financial position. At Complete Credit we focus on assisting you in meeting your financial obligations, within your current financial means. We do this by offering a number of repayment options to assist our customers in reaching financial recovery. Our staff will assist you with respect and dignity, and work with you to achieve the best outcome for you in the immediate and long term. In order for us to know how to appropriately help you, we kindly request that you complete and submit this Statement of Financial Position, along with supporting documentation. This may include:

  • Centrelink Summary Statement or application (where benefits are being received)
  • Letter from employer advising employment status and/ or payslips
  • 3 months of recent bank statements
  • Proof of other debts
  • Rent/mortgage information and other bills etc.

You can:

  • Submit this form online; (and attach documents); OR
  • Email to: info@completecredit.com.au (with documents attached); OR
  • Post to: Complete Credit Solutions/Acquisitions(with documents included) to: PO Box W167 Westfield Parramatta Parramatta NSW 2150

Once received, we will endeavour to respond to your application as soon we can, including contacting you to request further information in order to assist you. Please also note that during times of widespread community crisis, our response and call wait times may be impacted, so we may use a variety of ways to contact you – and to be contacted.

Please keep in touch with us – so we can best help you. You may wish to seek further financial advice and /or assistance via contact with a free financial counsellor through the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007, or via their website www.ndh.org.au. Other Debt Resource links can be found on the home page of our website.

Statement of Financial Position

So we can assist you, please complete all sections. The information you provide to us will only ever be used to help us manage your account with us. For sections that are not relevant to you, please mark with ‘No’, or $0



    Further details:

    My / Our Current Income:

    My/ Our Supporting Documents


    The value of my other assets is:

    My/ Our Current Expenses:

    My/ Our Supporting Documents:


    I/we declare that the information in this statement and the supporting documentation provided by me/us. is true and correct in every detail & provides full disclosure of my/our financial circumstances -sufficient for Complete Credit Solutions/Acquisitions to make an informed decision with respect to my/our indebtedness to it.

    Supporting Documents:

    Complete Credit are committed to resolving any concern raised in a fair, reasonable and amicable manner. You can raise a complaint with one of our supervisors; or
    a) Complete our online feedback form at http://www.completecredit.com.au/contact.html; b) Call the Compliance and Customer Care Team directly on 1300 930 070; c) View our complaint process at http://www.completecredit.com.au/complaints.html. In the event we are unable to resolve your concern, Complete Credit is also a member of an External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), who can be contacted on 1800 931 678 or via their website www.afca.org.au to independently review any concerns you may have.